About Us

Faye’s Cleaning Pty Ltd was founded to supply clients with a superb cleaning service. With well over 60 years of cleaning experience we’ll have the right service solution for you at very competitive prices. Utilizing our experience in the cleaning industry, we can give you a free, no obligation quotation.

We employ over 40 cleaning personnel and this is increasing due to a demand for professional cleaning services in the commercial sector. We are using only environmentally friendly chemicals and all of our equipment is new or in near new condition. All of our employees wear uniform and identification cards.

Our focus is on customer needs, our priorities are; safety, quality, productivity and cost. Our Company Policy, Occupation Health & Safety Policy, Insurance information, Work cover Certificate and References are available on request.


Executive Summary

At FAYES we are continuously working to improve our services by managing people, processes, and technology more effectively. Implementing this culture into all our contracts has allowed FAYES to build a strong reputation throughout Australia.

Our service delivery proposal doesn’t end with the supply of cleaning services. The strength of our proposal lies in two important features; Reliable Service Delivery and Rapid Response.

Reliable service is about delivering customer satisfaction every day. Our pricing model reflects our commitment to delivering reliable service by allowing adequate resources to attract and retain a skilled workforce. Rapid Response means an immediate response to customer service requests. FAYES has extensive experience in managing cleaning contracts within the Industrial, Educational, Public Arena, Health Care, Environment. As such we have an experienced management team and systems in place to effectively manage service delivery requirements to our CLIENTS.

Our Management Team will plan, manage and execute the services specified in line with the time frames established in our service plan. In essence we will ensure that CLIENT personnel spend little or no time being distracted by cleaning issues and can focus on their primary function within the organisation.

Our IT systems make our team accountable by constantly measuring the success of the service delivered on a daily basis. Through providing CLIENT with real time access to this information and formalised monthly reporting, we will engender continuous improvement throughout the life of the contract.

FAYES is continually reviewing its operational methodology in terms of its impact on the environment. To that end the company has now achieved third party certification of ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Standard, furthering our commitment to our customers in the provision of sustainable operating practices within our service delivery.

We trust that we have correctly interpreted the needs of CLIENT in this capability document and look forward to an opportunity to meet with you to further elaborate on how we can be of service.

Mission Statement

The mission of FAYES is to be a profitable and effective provider of services and related products.

This will be achieved by providing clients with:

  • Exceptional levels of service quality
  • Value for money
  • Constant innovation
  • The proactive pursuit of improvement in all aspects of the business

To achieve these goals we:

  • Employ and develop quality people
  • Give these people a stake in the growth& financial success of the company.

In turn, they receive the satisfaction, security and pride that come only from working whit a company determined to be the best in its field.


Company Background

Since its inception in Victoria in 1986, FAYES has experienced strong and consistent growth. Effective management systems have ensured our longevity and led us to establish an enviable list of clientele in a competitive industry.

FAYES is privately owned with the owners actively involved in the day to day running of the business, their personal stake in the business ensures that customers are receiving the best level of service available.

Having developed a strong infrastructure the FAYES now operates in most states of Australia, employing approximately 200 cleaners in the commercial, health, industrial and food processing sectors. Committed to investing in innovation and education, FAYES also take a partnering approach with clients to ensure optimum results.

FAYES provides services to the following industry sectors:

  • Facilities Services – Hygiene, Cleaning
  • Commercial Property – High Rise, Banks and Multi-Site Customers
  • Education – Kinder Gardens, Primary and Secondary Colleges
  • Food Processing and Production – Meatworks and Factories
  • Health Care – Hospitals, Hostels and Nursing Homes
  • Laboratories ‐ Research Facilities and Clean Rooms
  • Hospitality – Resorts, Hotels and Public Areas