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Advantages of Commercial Window Cleaning During Summer Season

January 15, 2019

There are many advantages of commercial window cleaning during the summer season. Mainly, it offers a clear view to look out at nature and the surroundings during this time of the year. While window cleaning may not seem like a complex task, there is more to the craft than meets the eye.

Professional window cleaning services utilise the right tools and technologies to achieve the best results. In fact, when commercial windows are properly cleaned and maintained by professionals there are safety and health benefits that come with it, such as:

Mould prevention – during the winter season, moisture from the rain and cold weather can build up on the inside and outside of windowsills; mould gravitates and thrives in moisture. Professional window cleaning during the summer season will remove hard to get to mould that may be growing between the glass panes and casing. Removing mould from windows is important because it can cause respiratory infection.

Because mould is a dangerous fungus, for safety’s sake, it should not be cleaned by just anyone. Professional window cleaners know how to use special chemicals that can remove mould safely and prevent it from growing back, by keeping areas dry and clean with regular maintenance.

Allergens are reduced – during the summer season a film of dust can develop quickly on window glass, which may be the cause behind those suffering from allergies in your workplace. Allergens can cause headaches, itchy eyes, runny nose, itchy skin, and fatigue, to name just a few, that is why keeping windows from developing a film of dust is so important.

Reveals damages – whether it is fine cracks in glass, rotten wood, or dried and worn out window sealing that can let dust, moisture and bugs in, professional window cleaners can bring these issues to your attention so they can be remedied. Having your windows cleaned regularly can also save money, by warning you of needed repairs and damages before they become a catastrophe.

The advantages of commercial window cleaning during summer season are many, and with certified professional cleaners, you can rest assured that your windows will not only be streak free, allowing you to have crystal clear views out at nature and the surroundings, but your workplace will also be healthier and safer too.

With Faye’s Cleaning as your partner, you can rest assured that not only will the windows of your business be cleaned this summer season, but your whole building too. We provide a full range of premium commercial cleaning services for all types of businesses, big and small, inside and out, with external cleaning of car parks and landscaping services available.

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