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Avoid Health Risks Associated with Dirty Carpets: Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

February 26, 2019

Some businesses do not consider carpet cleaning as an important maintenance task and will assign the chore to staff, instead of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. However, there are health risks that come from carpets that are not regularly cleaned properly, especially commercial carpets in areas with heavy foot traffic.

What are the health issues associated with dirty carpet? There are many, below are some of the most common health issues associated with dirty carpets:

Respiratory illnesses – this includes breathing problems caused by inhaling dust and dirt that is brought up from the carpet during vacuuming, as well as exposure to molds, which can also result in nasal irritation and asthma.

Skin irritation and disease – carpet that is not regularly cleaned can cause fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and chronic itching.

Severe allergic reactions – compared to hard floors, carpet fibres can house hundreds of times more allergens, pet hairs, dust mites, and fungi spores. All of these can pose serious health risks, causing people to have allergic reactions such as coughing and sneezing.

Microbe infection – dangerous microbes known as Mycotoxin are common in carpets that are not properly cleaned regularly. These are by-products of dangerous molds and can enter the human body through inhalation, or absorbed through the skin on contact. Once carpet becomes infested with Mycotoxin, just vacuuming can make the situation worse by releasing these toxic microbes into the air.

When carpets are not cleaned properly and regularly, they become a breeding ground for molds, insects, dust mites, bacteria, and disease causing microbes. The best way to make sure that the carpet in your building is as clean as it can be is to hire professional carpet cleaners.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners to Avoid Health Risks Associated with Dirty Carpets

If you want to avoid all the nasty health risks associated with ill-kept carpets, then you should have yours regularly maintained by hiring carpet cleaning professional at Faye’s Cleaning – a premier commercial cleaning company Melbourne.

At Faye’s Cleaning, we specialise in treating carpet stains and discolourations, carpet streaming and shampooing, and, all of our cleaners are trained in the treatment and care of all types of carpets and carpet fibres. Our professional cleaners are armed with state-of-the-art commercial cleaning equipment, and also use eco-friendly cleaning products to treat soiled and stained carpets to eliminate deep seated dirt, debris, bacteria, molds, and microbes that cause health risks.

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