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Cleanliness and Sanitation in Resort Hotels: Important Factors that Attract Tourists and Guests

May 17, 2019

It is of extreme importance for resort hotels and other accommodation providers to understand the factors that attract tourists and guests. The hospitality industry vitally depends on maintaining good ambience and cleanliness to appeal to guests. Only when guests are satisfied with their stay will resort hotels have earned their trust and can expect customers to keep coming back. In this regard, a satisfied guest is an asset to any resort hotel.

This is the key that unlocks success for resort hotels and any other lodging provider – guest satisfaction.

The Main Factors that Attract Tourists and Guests to Resort Hotels: Cleanliness and Sanitation

While marketing and promotion efforts definitely helps to attract tourists and guests to resort hotels, it is cleanliness and sanitation that is the most significant factor that keeps guests coming back. There are a number of things that customers keep a look out for when it comes to hotel hunting, cleanliness and sanitation ranks on the top of that list.

Understanding the importance of hygiene and sanitation is the most significant factor resort hotels need to focus on, It is a vital factor because of the constant scrutiny of guests can determine the continual success of resort hotels. With that said, it behoves hotel management to prioritise a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in every aspect hotel operations.

Unclean rooms, unhealthy food handling, unsanitary restrooms and facilities, and poor hygiene practices of cleaning staff can cause the loss of guests’ trust – a resort hotel’s greatest asset, which can ultimately result in a drop of return guests to the hotel. To avoid losing the trust of valuable hotel guest because of a lack of cleanliness and sanitation, it is highly advised to hire professional cleaners to maintain the hygiene of resort hotels.

Legal Obligations

Not only is it important to maintain quality standards of cleanliness and sanitation to win the trust and loyalty of the guests, but it is also a legal obligation set by government for the hospitality industry. Health inspectors make visits to hotels to conduct quality checks of food services as well as the general condition of the property, for health and safety purposes.

Unsanitary conditions caused by lack of proper cleaning maintenance, poor staff hygiene, and bad food handling practices can result in an outbreak of diseases. In fact, maintaining cleanliness and sanitation of resort hotels is as important as good furnishings and professional customer service, which is why owners and managers should hire professional commercial cleaners to make sure their hotel meet and exceed the highest standards.

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