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Commercial Cleaning Services in a Medical Environment: How It Becomes Advantageous to People

December 12, 2018

Medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals, testing centres, and hospices can get anywhere from a few dozen visitors to hundreds in a day. People come to these locations to get themselves checked, or to seek advice on how they can manage or treat their medical condition. It’s no secret that many of these can have a contagious condition, and can potentially spread disease and illness. This is why commercial cleaning services are vital in the preventing the spread of disease.

Commercial Cleaning Services: More Than Your Regular Cleanup

Disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria and viruses are invisible to the naked eye. You can easily get infected without even knowing it. Now imagine being in a place where there could be millions of them! For this reason, healthcare facilities have to be more than just spotless, they have to be as hygienic as possible, for the sake of safety. Commercial cleaning services are perfect for healthcare because they go beyond the average cleanup.

Here at Faye’s Cleaning, we have a professionally trained crew that specialise in cleaning medical facilities. We also have certified supervisors responsible for planning and overseeing all cleaning programs. Our supervisors have a Post Graduate Education in Infection Control, Principles and Practice in Healthcare Facilities, so medical facility managers can be assured that they’re in good hands.

Here is how commercial cleaning benefits people in medical facilities:

Prevents the spread of infection – at Faye’s Cleaning, we use safe, industry-grade chemicals and anti-microbial agents to remove infectious agents from all surfaces. In turn, this reduces the number of pathogens in medical environments and lowers the risk of cross-infection from one person or object to another.

Commercial cleaning services can promote the health of both healthcare providers and patients coming into medical facilities. It keeps healthy people healthy, and prevents sick people from getting any sicker.

Ensures the safety of everyone – cleaning crews are fully equipped in the handling, segregation, and disposal of infectious wastes. Proper medical waste management ensures the safety and welfare of healthcare professionals, prevents the proliferation of pathogens in the environment, and decreases the risk for cross-infection.

Promotes mind-body wellness – one of the least mentioned benefits of commercial cleaning is that it promotes overall wellness, not just physical health.

At Faye’s Cleaning, we truly understand that medical facilities are places for healing, that is why we work closely with facility managers to keep medical environments as clean as possible because it is advantageous to people, as it promotes health and recovery.

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