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Commercial Cleaning Tips for Offices this Summer

December 13, 2019

Our homes can be maintained easily once some of the household members leave for their offices or school. Offices, on the other hand, can be very difficult to maintain and clean since a lot of people come in and out of the office every day. Offices are like malls, where people just come and go daily. 

As difficult as it seems, cleaning your office is a must to prevent employees and even employers from getting sick. An uncleaned office stocks up a lot of germs that contribute to the abundance of sick leaves all over the place. Moreover, the cluttered mess made by some employees might be an annoying sight for others to witness. 

Since summer is coming, this might be the best time for you to clean your office. To help you out, here are some cleaning tips for your office this season.

Deep Clean the Floors

You see, one of the most used parts of every property is the floor. People are always walking or even running on your office floors just to get from one place to another. Moreover, wastes and other debris often fall on the floor, making it dirtier every single day. To make your floors clean, shiny, and new again, you must initiate a deep clean on it. Deep cleaning involves the use of special tools, cleaners, and equipment so that your floors are manageable to look at again.

Remove Dirt off the Carpet

One quality of carpet is that they can disseminate virus and allergens across the room. If your office has carpets, then it must have been polluted with dust, dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria after using it for months. Without regular maintenance, these carpets can directly affect the air quality of your office. Just like your floor, you can also deep clean your carpet with the use of heavy-duty equipment and necessary cleaning agents. As the deep cleaning progress, you must open the doors and windows of your office to let dust and other debris escape. 

Wash the Windows

Most offices tend to hide the windows through the installation of blinds and curtains. For over a couple of months, the windows will start accumulating dirt, dust, and other dirty substances from different sources. This season, it might be best for you to wash your window to remove any layer of dirt from the glass and let the sunlight shine through. With clean windows, you now have the chance to showcase your sparkly and transparent windows to your employees. 

Sanitise the Comfort Rooms

The most number of germs and bacteria is found in comfort rooms. Toilets are the breeding ground of germs and bacteria since a lot of people use them. Some follow basic toilet etiquette such as flushing after use, but some don’t. Since there may be a lot of people who will be away, you know have the opportunity to clean your comfort rooms. Clean the toilet, doorknobs, taps, washbasins, and other areas in your washroom with special cleaning products and equipment. 

Cleaning the facilities and parts of your office is beneficial for you and your employees so that they don’t get sick. Clean facilities also boost their productivity and performance since they get to enjoy the office a lot more. If you want to know more about professional cleaning and how they can help, contact us now at Faye’s Cleaning.

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