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Garden Maintenance and Lawn Mowing Services: Important Work Coverage that Must Not Be Ignored

November 5, 2019

Yards with lawn can make or break your neighbours’ perspective about your personality. It represents how good you are in terms of maintaining the cleanliness of your home. Your neighbours, and even your family, can also tell if you keep your lawn mowed all the time. This is the reason why garden maintenance and lawn mowing must be taken seriously and regularly.

Aside from making your yard look and feel greeny and fresh, there are more benefits behind your newly cut lawn and garden. This kind of household work must not be ignored for you to go on with your life at ease. To help you out, listed here are the importance of regularly maintaining both your garden and your lawn.

Help your Plants Get Stronger

Making your lawn strong is possible if you get to mow it regularly. Keep your plants at around 3 inches in height. Cutting the grass will help you determine which of the plants are the healthiest since weak grass shoots will be weeded out. The more frequent you cut your lawn the more healthy grass shoots remain on your lawn. This will help you create a more lush and healthy lawn over time, keeping a neat and inviting appearance.

Regulate the Height of your Plants

In relation to the previous point, cutting the plants in a uniform height regularly can make your yard look even and flat all throughout. At the same time, keeping the same height of your plants in your lawn can help you regulate the distribution and absorption of resources from the sun and water. There will be lesser chance of plants dying out because of the lack of nutrients.

Refill the Nutrients Needed

Mowing and getting nutrients from the sun and water is not enough for the plants to be healthy. If you have the time to ask for advice from experienced gardeners, you may soon discover that your soil may also need some nutrients. Both the process of fertilisation and mulching may help you cultivate the land for future use. Composting can also help you nurture the soil.

Promotes Faster Recovery

Despite giving necessary nutrients from various resources, lawns can still face unexpected factors that can affect both the soil and the plants. Harsh weather conditions, pests, and diseases can give you a really bad headache. This is the reason why garden maintenance and lawn mowing must be your priority in a regular basis, since this will help your plants and soil recover faster than yards without proper maintenance.

At Faye’s Cleaning Pty Ltd, our experienced gardeners can provide a wide range of gardening work for you. From lawn mowing to pruning, trimming and hedging, we can provide you all of this in a whole package.

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