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How Dirty Educational Facilities Influence Students' Learning

June 17, 2019

One of the main factors that contribute to a student’s academic success is the condition of the educational facility they attend. While a clean school environment might not be the first thing parents think about when it comes to their children’s academic success, research shows that the cleanliness of educational facilities does affect the success of students’ academic performance.

One of the most important elements that affect the ability of students to learn is a clean environment. Starting from elementary school, all the way up to college campuses, a dirty educational facility negatively affects the ability of students to learn. Dirty educational facilities influence students’ learning in a negative way, here are some examples:

Poor lighting reduces productivity – dirty lights reduces the amount of light in classrooms. Studies have shown that ample amounts of natural lighting cannot only improve the behaviour and mood of students, but can also improve test scores. Consider the importance of ample lighting in classrooms, making sure that lighting in educational facilities are clean is very important for positively influencing students’ learning.

Increases student absenteeism – dirty educational facilities can become breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and diseases that can make students sick, causing them to miss school, especially for children who have asthma or other existing medical conditions. Making sure that not only classrooms are cleaned and sanitised, but all areas of educational facilities will ensure that absenteeism is kept at a minimum.

Lowers student test scores – dirty ventilation can make it difficult to maintain the proper temperature in classrooms. When the temperature in classrooms is too hot or too cold, it can negatively affect the achievements of students, resulting in lower attention levels and lower student test scores. Making sure that ventilation screens and filters are cleaned and replaced will help to maintain the ideal temperature in classrooms, which will create an environment that will promote higher attention levels of students.

It is proven that dirty educational facilities can be detrimental to students’ learning experience in numerous ways – poor lighting that results in lower levels of productivity, creates a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and diseases that cause increased cases of absenteeism, and poor air ventilation that makes it difficult to maintain the ideal temperatures in classrooms that becomes a major distraction for students.

Students are not the only ones negatively affected by dirty educational facilities; teachers also suffer from increased levels of stress caused by working in an unclean environment. The solution to the problems associated with dirty educational facilities is for school administrators to hire professional cleaning services to keep their schools as clean as possible.

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