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How to Plan for a Post-Holiday Clean Up In Your Warehouse Premises

December 13, 2018

Most businesses will agree that the holiday season is probably the craziest time of the year. People are out rushing around to buy presents, food, and drinks for those obligatory gatherings, while others simply just want to take advantage of sales and discounts.

If you happen to be in an industry with goods that are “marketable” during holiday season, you can expect that it after the shopping rush is over it will leave your warehouse in one giant mess.

It’s completely understandable – meeting consumer demands is more important than anything else. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to maximize profits. Before the season ends however, warehouse managers do need to plan for the post-holiday cleanup of their warehouses.

Why Plan for a Post-Holiday Warehouse Cleanup

Warehouse cleanup can’t be accomplished overnight. It can take days, even weeks, depending on the size of the warehouses involved, the availability of equipment and manpower, the type of goods stored in a warehouse (dry goods are easier to clean than wet goods), and the level of cleaning required (some industries may require sanitization).

Planning your warehouse post-holiday cleanup can help prevent delays in operations. Hiring professional commercial cleaners allows you to continue with usual business, uninterrupted without compromising the supply and demand chain, and ultimately your income.

How to Plan a Post-Holiday Warehouse Cleanup

If there is more than one warehouse used as storage, you can create a strategy that limits the provision of supplies from one warehouse at a time. As soon as a warehouse is empty, you can start preparing it for clean-up. Or, you can also re-allocate limited supplies across different warehouses to clear out others for cleaning.

If you only have one warehouse to clean, it would be best to segregate the limited space into different sections. Each of these sections can be used to store one type of product, arranged according to their sale-ability. By the time an area is cleared (usually your most saleable, lowest-priced item will get sold faster) you can start cleaning that section of the warehouse.

The best way to plan a post-holiday cleanup is to hire the services of professionals like Faye’s Cleaning. At Faye’s Cleaning, we have a quality management system that makes us the best at what we do – providing premium commercial and industrial cleaning services for manufacturing companies and their warehouses.

With Faye’s Cleaning as your partner, you can rest assure that post-holiday clean up in your warehouse premises is nothing to worry about.

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