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Must-have Hygiene Consumables in Commercial Establishments

January 14, 2020

Hygiene consumables are highly important in order to maintain commercial establishments in an appropriate manner. Not only do you need certain products to clean with periodically between the professional cleaners scheduled visits, but you also need constant supplies for the people who use your facilities each day. Patrons, guests, investors and whoever else visits your establishment on a daily basis deserve to find your bathrooms fully stocked, clean and sanitary for their use. If your employees need to use these restrooms, they also should be able to count on them being in ideal condition. Remember that keeping consumables stocked in the proper way in your public restrooms will enhance the hygienic level of them. Never underestimate the importance of this.

In every office, the washroom holds some of the highest concentrations of bacteria when compared to other areas. If these areas are left unsanitised, or if cleaning is done without the correct cleaning products and supplies, it could result in the spread of germs and illnesses that put your staff and guests at risk when using your facilities.

With so many people using them each day, there is more of a need to focus on cleaning efforts in these areas. Below are some of the must-have hygiene consumables in commercial establishments.

Toilet Cleaners

To ensure that this can be done effectively, businesses should ensure that they stock up on toilet cleaner, bleach, and maybe even laundry detergent for laundering towels, floor mats and other fabrics, to reduce concentrations of bacterium on them.

Standard everyday cleaning requires certain tools; this is as true for commercial establishments as it is for factories, homes and any other environment where people tend to congregate. Requirements for these types of products are pretty straightforward; dust-pans, mops, brooms and feather dusters are a must, as are hygienic wipes.

Soap and Towel Dispensers

You will also need to ensure that you have an ample supply of everything your staff and guests need to maintain their personal hygiene. Hand-soap dispensers, hand-towel dispensers, air fresheners and the like, will also need to be kept in ample amounts.

Another reason to ensure that you fully supply your commercial establishments with the necessary consumables is to retain a favourable image with your clients and other visitors. When they see that you care enough about them to keep your restrooms clean, sanitary and full of all pertinent consumables, they know that you care about your image and company. This even can increase your business and profitability.

For further reasons why consumable supplies are important for hygiene in public restrooms, consult with Faye’s Cleaning. We offer a wide assortment of cleaning and maintenance service, including consumables for public restrooms and other areas of your building. Our company will provide you with a free quote of our services that will meet your needs upon request.

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