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Overlooking Proper Sanitation in Medical Facilities Can Lead to a Major Mishap

September 19, 2019

Healthcare practitioners are trained to follow strict sanitation guidelines and how to properly dispose of medical waste. This is so they can prevent the spread of disease and ensure the well-being of everyone. However, these efforts would be in vain if the environment medical facilities are a breeding ground for pathogens.

The absence of proper sanitation can lead to a major mishap that could cause a disaster. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for staff of healthcare facilities to overlook proper sanitation that can lead to a major mishap. For example, hospices tend to have limited personnel and are usually overworked and can overlook proper sanitation.

Outpatient clinics can also easily overlook the need for hygienic practices since they entertain fewer clients, and the standards of sanitation which they follow are less restrictive compared to secondary and tertiary level facilities. But even hospitals can be subject to poor sanitation especially if they hire untrained personnel who are unable to meet their strict cleaning standards.

The lack of hygiene in these medical facilities should be a cause for alarm, as it can cause pathogens to spread in the environment, leaving patients and health workers at risk of getting infected. If left unchecked, disease could also spread to nearby communities and cause outbreaks that can affect children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.

Furthermore, poor sanitation decreases the quality of life in aged care homes. To avoid the spread of disease and keep everyone safe in medical facilities, proper sanitation protocols must be strictly observed. Cleaning protocols should be in accordance to the strict sanitation standards of medical facilities.

Directors of medical facilities can hire a professional cleaning service to ensure proper sanitation that meets and exceeds strict cleaning protocols.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services for Medical Facilities

Here at Faye's Cleaning, our licensed cleaners are trained and equipped to perform proper sanitation techniques in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and aged care homes. Our professional cleaners work under the direct guidance of supervisors with a Post Graduate Degree in Infection Control, ensuring that all cleaning work meets and exceed all medical sanitation standards.

We have an Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Certification and are thus qualified to conduct cleaning services for not only medical facilities, but also for educational and child care facilities, offices, and post-construction. Basic cleaning services include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, car park cleaning, lawn mowing, landscaping, and garden maintenance.

Should you run out of consumables such as toiletries, detergents, and handwashing soap, Faye's Cleaning can provide the convenience of supplying them for you.

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