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Regular Cleaning Helps Prevent Cross Contamination in Laboratories

March 19, 2019

Keeping laboratories exceptionally clean is vital in preventing cross contamination. That is why there are strict protocols to follow, such as never touching door handles or elevator buttons while wearing disposable rubber gloves, and to never reuse disposable rubber gloves. Once these are removed they should be disposed in a lab’s biological or biohazard waste container, not in a regular trash bin.

Maintaining personal hygiene and always sanitizing hands are also vital in preventing cross contamination in laboratories. While these are definitely important personal things laboratory workers need to do to prevent cross contamination in laboratories, there are specialised cleaning services that can help too.

Prevent Cross Contamination in Laboratories with Regular Cleaning Services

The importance of keeping a clean laboratory cannot be over emphasised enough. Keeping laboratories regularly cleaned not only helps prevent cross contamination in laboratories, but there are other benefits too:

Increases accuracy of test results – when laboratories are not regularly cleaned, it could potentially affect the results of tests. For example, incorrectly cleaned glassware could produce incorrect measurements, which could result in inaccurate results.

Regular cleaning helps to keep laboratories organised – regular cleaning is important in keeping laboratories organised and tidy work places. A properly cleaned laboratory is an efficient laboratory. Regularly cleaning floors, windows, and daily removal of trash bins and biological/biohazard waste containers is important in this regard.

Helps to Comply with Health and Safety Regulations – regular cleaning services can help laboratories to comply with health and safety regulations. Potentially, unclean laboratories can be dangerous, as there are hazardous chemicals and often biological and biohazard waste that needs to be disposed of properly.

Because regular cleaning helps prevent cross contamination in laboratories, it also helps laboratories to be more organised, efficient, healthier, and safer places to work, which is why it is highly recommended to hire professional lab cleaning services.

Faye’s Cleaning Helps Prevent Cross Contamination in Laboratories

If you want to keep your lab as clean as possible, then hire a professional lab cleaning service – Faye’s Cleaning services. With Faye’s Cleaning services, you can keep your laboratories in a hygienic and sanitised condition that will reduce the risk of cross contamination. Professional lab cleaning services can also reduce wasted time by keeping laboratories better organised and tidy. At Faye’s Cleaning, we are passionate and dedicated about providing the best cleaning services possible to our clients. We do this by focusing on the needs of our customers, then prioritising those needs.

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