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Safety Cleaning for Infants and Kids in Day Care Centres

December 1, 2017

Is there any segment of our country more at-risk than our children, especially when it comes to the risk of poor hygiene? At Faye's Cleaning, we always believe in bringing out the best for the companies that we collaborate with. When it comes to cleaning there is no one-size fits all approach. A commercial office will have different needs in comparison to a daycare. Daycare Centres are where we leave our children so that they can be safe and sound while we finish tasks throughout our day. You wouldn't want to put your child into a dirty daycare facility, right? Let's talk about the importance of safe cleaning for infants and small children who have to go to daycare centres.

Clean & Safe Facilities

If you operate a daycare centre or just merely entrust your child at one, you probably put a priority on picking a facility that is safe and clean. After all, when you have small children the risk for them to become sick from germs and unsanitary conditions is much higher! While we are sure that most daycare centres do their best to stay clean, this isn't a task that should be left up to an over-burdened daycare worker or a janitor that isn't quite in tune with the required cleaning.

Turning to a professional cleaning service like us, here at Faye's Cleaning, will allow you some peace of mind in knowing that your kids will be at the cleanest and most hygienic facility possible. Now, what can a professional cleaning service do that a committed janitor or daycare worker can't? We're glad that you asked. Let's point out a few benefits of pursuing our professional cleaning services in order to keep your daycare centre clean and hygienic.

  • 1. Certification - Even the hardest working person with a mop and cleanser won't be able to stack up against our ISO 9001 certification. Faye's Cleaning prides itself on compliance and accreditation with some of the strictest regulations in the country. There are no half measures with our cleaning system.
  • 2. Supplies - At Faye's Cleaning, we have the newest and most effective supplies on our sides. From special steam cleaning tools to top-of-the-line green cleaning chemicals, we make sure that your daycare centre is in great shape.
  • 3. Professional Knowledge - Finally, we've been in business for over 60 years. In that time period, Faye's Cleaning has come up against every conceivable situation that you can imagine. With over 40 professionals on our roster, we always have the right person for the job.

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