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Summer Season Garden Services: Important Must-Do Tasks

January 31, 2019

If you want to revive your garden after a long year, you can. With the right tools and expertise, not only can you revive your garden, but you can create and maintain a garden area that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Maintaining your garden doesn’t have to be a painstaking chore to achieve blooming flowers, healthy plants, and a pristine lawn. Not when you hire experienced garden services this summer.

Important Must-Do Tasks to Achieve a Perfect Garden this Summer

Summer season garden services can help you with all the must-do tasks necessary to maintain a healthy garden this summer. The main threats to a garden this time of the year is heat and disease, as these can quickly destroy budding flowers and plants, so precautions must be taken. To keep your garden looking beautiful, despite the heat, there are some must-do tasks that need to be done, these include the following:

Spread mulch – one of the best defenses against the sun and heat for garden plants is mulch. The reason why is because it shields the soil from heat, preventing it from drying out, and it also keeps weeds from overtaking your plants. Mulch should be spread out at least 2-inches deep over exposed soil around garden plants.

Pruning – this is a necessary task that will keep your flowers blooming. Also referred to as deadheading, pruning can be down all year on flowering shrubs.

Plant summer bulbs – keeping your garden full of colour is a great way to beautify the surroundings of your home, bulbs such as dahlia, canna, and calla are recommended.

Pest control – the best way to control pests in your garden is to take preventive measures by maintaining a healthy garden. To do that includes pulling up any infected plants and then dispose of them far away from your garden area. Insect infected plants can be identified and removed when trimming and pruning, or when watering your garden.

Use the right gardening tools – essential gardening tools such as small shovels, trowels, garden forks and racks are needed to maintain a health garden.

The hot and often dry weather during summer season presents many challenges to gardens that is why it is recommended to avail of summer season garden services to achieve the best results, so you can have the perfect garden.

If you want a lush and vibrant garden, then contact Faye’s Cleaning, we offer professional lawn and garden services that can keep your garden and lawn looking their best this summer, and all year long.

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